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Yao Gaoguan, mayor of Wenzhou, visited our company for inspection and guidance
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       This year, Wenzhou designated November 1 as "Wenzhou private entrepreneur Festival". On the occasion of the first "Wenzhou private entrepreneur Festival", Yao Gaoguan, deputy secretary of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and mayor of Wenzhou, accompanied by Fang Hui, deputy secretary of Yueqing municipal Party committee and mayor, visited Xinya for inspection and guidance and expressed condolences to Chairman Zhao zhanbing.



Fang Hui, mayor of Yueqing City (first from the left in the front row), Yao Gaoguan, mayor of Wenzhou City (middle in the front row), and Zhao zhanbing, chairman of the company (first from the right in the front row)

Mayor Yao and his delegation visited the company's high-frequency data line production workshop, and chairman Zhao zhanbing made a detailed report. The company mainly develops, produces and sells consumer electronics and industrial control wires, automotive electronics wires, high-frequency data wires and special wires, especially high-frequency transmission data wires, consumer electronics and industrial control wires, which are leading in China and replace imports, and are widely used in cloud computing servers, 5g base stations, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing The fields of electronic information technology and high-end equipment such as smart home are in line with the national development strategies such as the 13th five year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries and made in China 2025. Mayor Yao listened to the introduction while visiting and spoke highly of it.

After visiting the workshop, mayor Yao presented flowers and "congratulatory letter to the majority of private entrepreneurs" to Chairman Zhao zhanbing, and extended cordial holiday greetings to entrepreneurs! Mayor Yao said that we set up the "Wenzhou private entrepreneur Festival" to stimulate and protect entrepreneurship and guide the whole society to respect entrepreneurs as much as scientists. We should take the festival as an opportunity to further optimize the business environment, accelerate the establishment of the "two health" pilot area in the new era, put the respect for private entrepreneurs into practice, help enterprises solve practical difficulties with "nanny service", and create a good atmosphere for enterprise entrepreneurship, innovation and healthy development.


Zhao zhanbing, chairman of the company (left) and mayor Yao (right) took a group photo as a souvenir

Mayor Yao and his party also held discussions and exchanges with the company's senior management. Chairman Zhao zhanbing reported the good development trend and challenges faced by Xinya electronics to the leaders attending the meeting. Mayor Yao fully affirmed Xinya's contribution to local economic development and sent a message that Xinya should continue to play a demonstration and leading role, take root in Wenzhou, adhere to the industrial and innovation drive, repay the society, and settle more high-quality projects in its hometown, Make greater contributions to the realization of the goal of "looking at Wenzhou from the perspective of private economy".

Chairman Zhao zhanbing said that with the encouragement and support of governments at all levels, Xinya Electronic will make concerted efforts and tenacious efforts to realize the grand vision of "becoming a leader in the global fine electronic wire industry" and make new contributions to the economic development of Wenzhou!